6 Books everyone should read right now

I’m an avid reader and I’m about to let you in on a secret that will literally change your life as a reader. Are you ready? Goodwill has 1-3 dollar books. All kinds of books, even newer books! When I found this out obviously it became a problem. I can be poor as dirt and still afford new books. This is my list of MUST READS. When I say must reads I know what I’m talking about. I literally bought all of these books at Goodwill so you’re welcome and happy shopping! After each book description I’ve put the amazon link where you can buy directly brand new.

P.S. As you read through my list you’ll find I’m attracted to more emotional books which is a good thing to know if your a happy happy reader. I like my books to make me feel something.


1.)  The Hour I First Believed (by Wally Lamb)

This book literally stopped my life in it’s tracks. It is one of the longest books I’ve ever read, but I truly could do nothing else until I finished it. This book is set in Littleton, Colorado where a husband and wife are employed at Columbine High School during the mass shooting that took place there in 1999. This book goes through a lot of their struggles at finding security and coming to peace with being a part of what happened to the people who lost their lives. Such a beautiful (but note disturbed) novel as it states a lot of facts that actually happened that day. Really though, read it now!


2.) House Rules (By Jodi Picoult)















You will find Jodi Picoult on this list twice because obviously I’m obsessed with her . This book gives you  true insight on what it would be like to raise or be a child with Asperger Syndrome, which is mild usually social form of autism. In this book an autistic teen’s tutor is murdered and he is blamed for it. It goes through his mother’s, his and his lawyers point of view. The book makes you think about the injustice of an autistic teen being in prison and also functioning in court. Such an interesting read!


3.) The Pact (By Jodi Picoult again)

jodi P

I love this one. Read it like ten times. It’s about two teens, Chistopher and Emily, who have grown up together being best friends as have their families. Once adolescence finds them they start having a more romantic relationship. So picture this: both teens are found at a carousal with a gun and Emily is dead. Chris said it was a suicide pact, but why is he still alive? Chris ends up going on trial for the murder of his lover/best friend Emily. This books keeps you wondering until the very end!


4.) The Gift (By Richard Paul Evans)


This book is my Christmas time tradition. Its not a really Christmasy book; you could read it any time of the year, but it has a great underlying message of love and service. It’s about a single man with Tourettes Syndrome who meets a woman and her two children. Her youngest child Colin has cancer. As the book goes on we discover Colin has the ability to heal people with his touch, but every time he uses this ability he gets sicker. His mom tells him not to heal so she doesn’t lose him but Colin can’t help himself; he always chooses good people who deserve it. I know healing powers sounds cheesy but I’m telling you it’s really a beautiful book.


5.) The Glass Castle (by Jeannette Walls)


The Glass Castle is such a strangely beautiful book. Jeannette and her three siblings spend their childhood skipping from desert town to desert town. Their father calls them “adventures” and often they are packing up in the middle of the night. The children quickly accustom to the instability of their lives, making new friends in new places (or not) and living out of their car. As their father’s alcoholism gets worse, Jeannette starts to realize this isn’t how normal people function. She plans to escape the toxicity she was raised in and make it on her own and eventually moves to NYC with her older sister. Eventually all her siblings come to live with them. This book is a coming of age story but super eccentric.

6.) Crank (By Ellen Hopkins)

I could literally talk about Ellen Hopkins all day. I see a new Hopkins book in Barnes and Noble and I’m tripping! Crank is a story about a good girl who tries Meth for the first time and decides she likes herself better when she’s dancing with “The Monster”. Upon arriving to stay with her Dad (who she is just meeting for the first time at 16) she realizes he is pretty disinterested. That’s when she meets Adam, who becomes her lover throughout the story. This is also when she creates “Bree”, her alter ego she becomes  when she’s cracked up on meth. Bree is opposite the girl she is. Bree is daring, slutty, beautiful and everything she wishes she had the confidence to be.  The story is written in a poem form which makes for a really quick read. Ellen has a way of writing that makes it feel like it’s you on drugs. Guarantee you’ll go through this whole series in no time!











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