Why you need to sign up for an IPSY bag NOW!!

My favorite time of the month? When my shiny, pink Ipsy package arrives in the mail. Let me start with this: I don’t work for Ipsy. I’m just obsessed. Do you even know what Ipsy is? Let me enlighten you. Once a month I receive five personalized makeup samples from Ipsy. This service is only ten dollars a month, two dollars per sample. Most of the time my “samples” don’t feel very sample size. This is an example of what my monthly Ipsy looks like. You always get a cute little makeup bag. In this bag you’ll see a lotion, eyeliner, shadow brush, lipstick and eye shadow primer! My favorite part about my bags is getting to try new products like eye shadow primer and a bold lipstick (Things I normally am too chicken to buy). Since I’ve started getting my Ipsys I’ve added primer, highlighter, and brow pencils to my everyday makeup routine!


Are these bags killing you or what? I have like fifteen by now and yes I know, no person in their right mind NEEDS fifteen makeup bags but do I care? The answer is no. They are so fun….and yes I want more!

When you sign up with Ipsy and make your profile, they ask you a ton of personal questions. They ask what your skin tone is like, hair and eye color, what your preference is on colors, and preference on what products you would like to see more of in your bag. Many times I have gotten a lipstick in my bag that is PERFECT for my skin. I’m like, dang Ipsy you are good!

Lots of eye stuff!! These pictures are literally ALL products I got from Ipsy. I love getting a new eyeliner or eye shadow. Who doesn’t need a little variety in their lives!


I wasn’t kidding when I said bold lip colors. Gloss, matte lipstick, and stain . . . you name it I’ve gotten it from Ipsy! You’ll see a lot of NYX in these pictures. I receive a lot of products not only from them but from Tarte,Smashbox, and a bunch of other great brands!


Usually I’m a pretty cheap chick. I was raised that way, ok. But when I find something I LOVE, I stay loyal to it. Through Ipsy I’ve found so many great products that I have started to buy. My favorite Tarte mascara I first tried in one of my bags and I’ve never looked back! Below you will see a couple of other different kinds of things that will show up in your Ipsy bags!


If you love makeup and love to experiment, give Ipsy a try. You can cancel at any time! It is such a fun and cheap way to treat yourself. I really do look forward to it every month. If you do try it, let me know what you think!

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