Iced Green Tea (and why you should drink it every day)))

I’m currently a waitress for Black Bear Diner and I love it. If any of you beauties also work in the food industry then you know about the downfalls already. A server runs, usually all night long ’till she is ready to drop. If you’re anything like me, I have SUCH a hard time meeting my H20 requirements for the day. I swear I don’t even drink one glass of water within a whole day. Green Tea helps me stay hydrated, while also loading my body with antioxidants and vitamins (which I need a lot of). I keep a box of Lipton Green tea in my purse at work and make it over ice. I have three or four cups a day. This is my current flavor, Lemon Ginseng (Delishhh)

Alright, my super secret oh so difficult Iced Green Tea recipe. Use one to two Green Tea bags in a cup of boiling water. I use two because the ice waters it down a lot. Let steep for ten minutes. Put in a glass with a ton of ice. Voila! You’ve got Iced Green Tea.  If you’re confused about the recipe message me (sarcasm HA).


Do you know how good Green Tea is for you?  Well you’re about to find out.

  1. Green tea increases fat burning and can help you lose weight! (My main reason for drinking it. I am a chub.)
  2. Green tea has a lot of caffeine but gives you a different kind of energy then coffee does. It doesn’t give you that jittery feeling. If you are particularly sensitive to caffeine or find after a few cups you’re feeling hyper, switch to a decaf version.
  3. Green tea has a ton of important antioxidants that lower your risk of various types of cancer!
  4. Green tea also improves brain function and can help your brain stay active. It also has been proven to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia closer to old age.
  5. Green Tea has also been proven to lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and lower cholesterol.
  6. Studies have suggested Green Tea helps with inflammatory skin diseases. (Like Dermatitis and dandruff)


Green Tea literally one of the healthiest drinks in the world! It really has a ton of benefits for both your body and mind. A couple key factors to remember. Organic is always better (also more expensive hence my Lipton). If you HAVE to sweeten it, sweeten with honey. Sweetening Green Tea by adding sugar to your diet every day I imagine would lessen some of those benefits.


That’s me. In my “cute” BB Diner suspenders working on my third cup of tea for the night. I am a serious believer in Green Tea. Join the club and reap the benefits with me 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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