Espresso Gelato floats…mmmmm

Yum…. The perfect treat after a long day. Espresso mocha floats. I’m sort of an aspiring barista. Anything you can possibly combine with coffee that I have in my fridge, I have tried. I’m that weird chick who brings her own french press to work, then makes makeshift lattes for everyone. Sorry, not sorry.

Don’t have an espresso machine? No problem, I’m mostly too lazy to use mine. The key with espresso is all in the type of coffee you’re using. I bought this can at Walmart for four bucks.  To make yourself some fake espresso, put 3 heaping tablespoons coffee and 1.5 cups of H2O in the coffee machine. Brew as normal with filter.

If your coffee machine has a “Strong” button, use it for gosh sake! This is espresso we are making.


Now, we are going to move quickly here so keep up. Alrightyyy . . . . . put two scoops of any flavor gelato (triple chocolate is my favorite) in a glass.

Pour hot espresso on top of gelato for melty gooey deliciousness. Fill glass to top. Add whipped cream if desired


Enjoy ’till all gone. Pairs nicely with a snuggly blanket on the porch 🙂 (If you live in Phoenix, Arizona . . . .  do not attempt in -20 weather.

Thanks for reading, love to you all ❤

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