WEAR IT Wednesday: Plaid #1


Plaid. Like, is it ever going out of style? No. No, its not. At this point in my life, I see plaid as an investment. Buy it a couple sizes too big and wear it for the rest of your gosh dang life. Men’s plaid tends to work well because it comes a lot less form fitting which is the point. Goodwill has some great vintage-like options in the men’s section for 6$.


Plaid and I started to become extra cozy friends this winter. You see, a big plaid flannel is for one comfy and also hides the winter flubber you like to pretend you haven’t been packing on during the cold months. Plaid pairs especially well with a pair of broken in combat boots. I think it just grunges up the whole look.




Plaid is super versatile. Dress it up with a smooth pair of black skinnies, a big statement necklace,  and some chunky boots. Or, as I like to do, throw on some  holey jeans (the holier the better), a soft vintage tee, comfortable booties, and a blanket scarf. Some might mistake this look for homeless.  That means your doing it right. Embrace it.


That’s all I’ve got for today’s Wear it Wednesday. Tune in for next time and have a wonderful week my beautiful readers … Love to you all!

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