DIY Green Tea Sugar Scrub :)

Summer-time is coming around (or at least for me it is). Am I the only one who has been neglecting my skin this winter? It’s easy to do when you just throw a pair of leggings on and forget about the mess you got going on under there. So I love to pamper myself but I’m cheap. See that sounds like a lose lose situation going on for me doesn’t it? I’ve seen all kinds of recipes for sugar scrubs and decided to try creating a quick mixture today. It worked out beautifully and is a great substitution for a eight dollar jar from the store.


Here is my recipe for Green Tea Sugar Scrub:

1 cup sugar

3 Green Tea Bags (I used one Tazo BrambleWine for fruitiness)

1/4 cup coconut or olive oil

5 drops essential oil (I used Wild Orange)

Now mix it all together and give it a try!


On the left I have dry, flaky, and sad. On the right  are my legs post-scrub. I didn’t use anything but my sugar scrub.. You can totally see the moisture and softness! I was totally impressed. Feel free to make your own additions. Grapefruit and green tea (maybe the zest of a grapefruit?) would be a nice combo.20160229_132926

After my trial run, I quadrupled the recipe and created gifts for a couple friends. Just fill a mason jar mug, add a label, and a straw. Super cute easy DIY gifts next time you’re in a pinch. I LOVE how they turned out 🙂

Enjoy ladies



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