ULTA HAUL!! (PUR Cosmetics)

Can we guess what this face is about? I’m sure you ladies know the feeling. Me and my BFF strolled into Ulta on a bright sunny Thursday and came out 150$ poorer. With about a thousand dollars worth of makeup pounded on our faces. Man, nothing like it! Let me show you ladies what I splurged on this month.


The Ulta lady convinced me on all these PUR cosmetics. She swore this face mask would be the most amazing thing that ever touched my face so we will see about that!  As for the eye polish I used them in store and WOW they are funky but soooo beautiful. They come with this weird rubber brush and you literally paint the polish on your eyes. It is the consistency of water but dries really pigmented. Of course I just HAD to have both colors and wanted a third!!


My full haul, makeup and retail therapy. I figure I’ve been working hard; that’s how I justify this shopping trip. I can’t wait to tell you ladies how everything works out!! I’ve heard AMAZING things about the “Pores Be Pure” mask so I’m really excited about that one too 🙂


Stay tuned for my product reviews 🙂 Love you guys and thanks for reading as always! Have a great week!

Xoxo, Kaylee

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