Today’s Look Featuring PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish

I promised you guys some reviews on my Ulta Haul the other day, so I wanted to start with my favorite of my purchases. Today’s bronzy look features PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish, which I am absolutely obsessed with. The look below is using their penny color called Silk (great for blue eyes).


Such an easy application and as you can see the results are absolutely gorgeous!!!

We ready to see these swatches?? These polishes are literally revolutionary, not even exaggerating. If you look closely at the pots, the polish sits below a net so you can just dab directly on the net to apply. On the top we have the color “Silk” and the bottom “Velvet”. So pigmented!

The polish is literally the consistency of water. With this rubber brush, you just paint on as you would water colors. The polish applies super pigmented and smooth with no brush lines obviously (because this is not a normal brush). If you wish to blend the color for a more seamless look, wait for the polish to dry and then use a blending brush as you normally would and it will blend just like powder! The rubber brush also has a great tip to apply as liner which would be beautiful!


These two polishes are two out of the four colors they currently offer. My next pick was a shiny black with beautiful gold flecks that was just gorgeous. I had a hard time deciding. In the end it was about which colors I would wear more and that was these two. Go out and get you a couple of these girls, they are literally sooooo beautiful!! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!






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