Traveling with Airbnb!!

So you travel bugs…. Have any of you tried Airbnb yet? For those of you that don’t know Airbnb, you need to. Airbnb is going to REVOLUTIONIZE traveling! Airbnb is taking the concept of couch-surfing to the next level. You rent out a room in someone’s home like you would a hotel room. Now sounds awkward right? I was skeptical, but after trying it I don’t know that I will ever book a regular hotel room again!

When I searched for hotels for this visit to Encinitas, California I noticed the hotels had jumped fifty plus dollars. For a gross Motel 6 we were looking at one hundred and For 99$ we rented out this private entrance guest room. The room and bathroom had everything we needed shampoo and conditioner, fresh spring water, beach towels, and a fan. On Airbnb there were cheaper options, but I wanted a room with a private entrance and within walking distance of the beach.

Airbnb also has options to rent out entire homes for reasonable prices. In thailand and Brazil you can rent out entire homes for less then thrity bucks. WHAT… is right! Did that make you think you need to go to Thailand now or what????

My initial concern was the lack of privacy, which wasn’t a problem at all! Our hosts Chris and Ashley were very friendly and provided us with numbers to reach them and told us to knock for any questions. Other then that we saw them in passing as we did our own thing.

The benefit of using Airbnb is having the luxury of knowing all the local secrets!

Chris sent us a text each morning of our stay with all his suggestions for eating, activities, and must see areas. This is how we discovered the BEST fish tacos in this world, a local farmers market, and and an Indian coffee bar where we ordered this Cardamon Latte! All places we never would have come across on our own!!


Another super cool part of our experience was learning about the culture and history of Encinitas. Now keep in mind I literally don’t care for history at all. Chris talked about Yogananda (an enlightened mind) who lived and wrote life changing books about yoga, self realization, and meditation. I noticed the community was surrounded by not only a positive vibe but happy healthy people that I was drawn to. Chris and Ashley talked about “The vibrations” that bring us back to Encinitas time after time. Normally I would think it was a load of crap but the weird thing is, I am so drawn to Encinitas and the ocean and as I thought about that I wondered why and took that into consideration.

A cool place with such beautiful culture!

Another thing I considered as I listened to them talk about their lives and their culture there I remembered an experience I had the last time we visited. We visited Moonlight Beach early in the morning before we had to leave and it was foggy but I didn’t care. I got in by myself because the water was too cold for my husband. Anyways minutes after I got in it started pouring rain (If you know me you know I LOVE the rain) and the water calmed to soft waves. I floated and rode the waves in as the rain soaked my face and I was surrounded by fog . I can’t explain it but it was literally the most beautiful spiritual moment of my life! Sounds dumb but I swear.

Then of course this was the morning we left. Encinitas is once again mourning my departure! If you have the chance to visit Encinitas please do. Such a beautiful experience! Since leaving Encintas I’ve read a lot about self realization ,yoga, and eating healthy and I’ve tried to start on my own yoga journey. I’m hoping to channel some of their positive energy into my life and so far, I Love it! You can find inspiration to change and work on yourself anywhere but this time I found it using Airbnb! What a cool way to meet new people and to learn new things… I can’t wait to try it again!

Xoxo  Thanks for reading!



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