Today’s Look Featuring PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish

I promised you guys some reviews on my Ulta Haul the other day, so I wanted to start with my favorite of my purchases. Today’s bronzy look features PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish, which I am absolutely obsessed with. The look below is using their penny color called Silk (great for blue eyes).


Such an easy application and as you can see the results are absolutely gorgeous!!!

We ready to see these swatches?? These polishes are literally revolutionary, not even exaggerating. If you look closely at the pots, the polish sits below a net so you can just dab directly on the net to apply. On the top we have the color “Silk” and the bottom “Velvet”. So pigmented!

The polish is literally the consistency of water. With this rubber brush, you just paint on as you would water colors. The polish applies super pigmented and smooth with no brush lines obviously (because this is not a normal brush). If you wish to blend the color for a more seamless look, wait for the polish to dry and then use a blending brush as you normally would and it will blend just like powder! The rubber brush also has a great tip to apply as liner which would be beautiful!


These two polishes are two out of the four colors they currently offer. My next pick was a shiny black with beautiful gold flecks that was just gorgeous. I had a hard time deciding. In the end it was about which colors I would wear more and that was these two. Go out and get you a couple of these girls, they are literally sooooo beautiful!! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!






ULTA HAUL!! (PUR Cosmetics)

Can we guess what this face is about? I’m sure you ladies know the feeling. Me and my BFF strolled into Ulta on a bright sunny Thursday and came out 150$ poorer. With about a thousand dollars worth of makeup pounded on our faces. Man, nothing like it! Let me show you ladies what I splurged on this month.


The Ulta lady convinced me on all these PUR cosmetics. She swore this face mask would be the most amazing thing that ever touched my face so we will see about that!  As for the eye polish I used them in store and WOW they are funky but soooo beautiful. They come with this weird rubber brush and you literally paint the polish on your eyes. It is the consistency of water but dries really pigmented. Of course I just HAD to have both colors and wanted a third!!


My full haul, makeup and retail therapy. I figure I’ve been working hard; that’s how I justify this shopping trip. I can’t wait to tell you ladies how everything works out!! I’ve heard AMAZING things about the “Pores Be Pure” mask so I’m really excited about that one too 🙂


Stay tuned for my product reviews 🙂 Love you guys and thanks for reading as always! Have a great week!

Xoxo, Kaylee

My Beauty Wishlist

There are so many products I want out there ladies….SO MANY PRODUCTS! It’s a never ending problem. This is my current list of products I can’t wait to try. Do you have anything you have your eye on lately???? I’m sure you do. Enlighten me please! I’d love to add even more things to this list!!!!

1.) Knockout Beauty Smokey Palette. Look at those colors!I need them in my life now.The instructions pictured here are just a bonus. The combinations are truly endless. You can find this at Target for $15.99 like now!


2. Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier. Yes, ladies I am jumping on this bandwagon. I’m sure you’ve seen this all over the blogosphere. I WANT IT. It’s supposed to deep clean your face while easily removing all makeup. Rumor has it problem skin no longer exists after a couple uses. It is reviewed as light with no oil or residue. I’m ready to give it a go!


3. Makeup Geek Eye Shadow Pans. Now this is a cool concept! Most of these pans are six dollars. The sparkly foiled ones are ten. The idea is to build your perfect palette over time. They have so many beautiful colors to choose from! Once you have several buy a “vault” and fill it up!! Here are a couple of my favorite shades.


Top is “Cherry Cola”. Top right is “In the Spotlight White”.

Bottom is “Sorbet”. Bottom right is “Cosmopolitan”

Visit and check out all the beautiful shades!!!


4. Better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced. Have you tried this mascara? Do yourself a favor and drive down to your nearest Ulta and give it a go. It is life changing!!!! I have thin blonde eye lashes and this mascara at least doubled those sad things in length. Only downside is, twenty-eight dollars for this bad boy. I know, I know, it seems high, but so worth it!!


5. Benefit Lip and Cheek Tint. I literally swear upon this tint. Once again drive your tush down to Ulta and try it on. It is the consistency of tinted water, which I like. It goes on very light and has a natural look and feel. It also has a great layering effect so if you like a more dramatic look just keep layering. Overall any of the colors look great on anyone because they appear to be your natural lip color. You need this! So do I and for thirty dollars it will be mine!


6. Anastasia Contour Kit. Heaven help me, why do I suck at contouring? Maybe that’s why I’ve been dragging my feet about this kit. I’m thinking I’m lacking the right products, and the buzz about this contour kit is undeniable. I can’t wait to try it. Available at Ulta or Sephora for forty bucks!


Purple Smokey Eye INSPO

Hey beautiful ladies! I think Purple eye makeup is the perfect introduction to spring, also great for blue eyes :). I ordered the Maybelline Color Tatto0 in purple online and started playing around.

For this smokey purple eye on the lid I  featured my new Maybelline Color Tattoo in purple and Naked 3 Dust. I used Naked 3 (Blacklist) in the outer corner and my Tarte Tartlette (Best friend and Bombshell) In the crease.

This look was so fun to play with. When I got the Purple Color Tatto0, I wasn’t digging the tone of the purple. It was super 6th grade to me. I tried to tone down the purple using other purples I liked more. As you can see it worked great! Seeing the Color Tattoo in person I probably wouldn’t have purchased it.

Thanks for reading Ladies! Stay tuned for my Ulta Haul….. Can’t wait!

DIY Green Tea Sugar Scrub :)

Summer-time is coming around (or at least for me it is). Am I the only one who has been neglecting my skin this winter? It’s easy to do when you just throw a pair of leggings on and forget about the mess you got going on under there. So I love to pamper myself but I’m cheap. See that sounds like a lose lose situation going on for me doesn’t it? I’ve seen all kinds of recipes for sugar scrubs and decided to try creating a quick mixture today. It worked out beautifully and is a great substitution for a eight dollar jar from the store.


Here is my recipe for Green Tea Sugar Scrub:

1 cup sugar

3 Green Tea Bags (I used one Tazo BrambleWine for fruitiness)

1/4 cup coconut or olive oil

5 drops essential oil (I used Wild Orange)

Now mix it all together and give it a try!


On the left I have dry, flaky, and sad. On the right  are my legs post-scrub. I didn’t use anything but my sugar scrub.. You can totally see the moisture and softness! I was totally impressed. Feel free to make your own additions. Grapefruit and green tea (maybe the zest of a grapefruit?) would be a nice combo.20160229_132926

After my trial run, I quadrupled the recipe and created gifts for a couple friends. Just fill a mason jar mug, add a label, and a straw. Super cute easy DIY gifts next time you’re in a pinch. I LOVE how they turned out 🙂

Enjoy ladies



Wear It Wednesday(#2): Cardigans

Ok, let’s talk cardigans. My favorite accessory EVER. What is it about a chunky knit that makes my heart beat? I don’t know, but I’m obsessed! This ninety degree weather in Phoenix, Arizona  has me dreaming of snowy mountains and a killer pair of boots. Instead I will go work on my tan after this (literally). WINTER COME BACK!!


The most chic way to wear a cardigan is with a big tee shirt and a pair of skinnies or leggings. The most important thing to remember when styling an outfit with a thick cardigan is proportions. Big cardigan on top with a light soft tee+ skinny pant and boots= perfection.You wouldn’t want to switch the skinnies for a pair of boyfriend jeans. That would be all baggy which will come across sloppy. Is this camel colored cardigan not to die for?

The possibilities are endless! It’s easy to dress up with a slick pair of pants and heels, or dress down with a holey worn in pair of skinnies and some grungy combat boots (my favorite).


That’s all for today ladies. Now if weather permits, snuggle up in a beautiful thick cardigan and a hot cup of coffee and think about my miseries in the hot desert.

“Kathleen Lights Colour Pop” Cosmetics Review!

Have any of you had a chance to try Kathleen Lights Colour Pop cosmetics?? I’ve been dying to give them a try. I wasn’t disappointed!! Colour Pop cosmetics are extremely pigmented, which I love.  I ordered eye shadow and a highlighter. The cute card I received with the package makes it a little bit personal. Her products are super reasonably priced. The shadows are five and the highlighter (also have bronzer and blush) are eight. If you go to and sign up for their newsletter, you get five dollars off which is a free eye shadow. Yay!!


THE SWATCHES. On the left I have Super Shock Shadow in LaLa. It’s a bronze penny color, great with blue or green eyes. On the right we have Super Shock Cheek in Wisp. When I got this one initially I was disappointed as it looked too dark to be a highlighter. But once applied, this shade comes out a light champagne color PERFECT for highlighting.


My first impression was how unique the textures are! Feels like a cross between a mousse and a powder. The mousse-like texture clings to your skin nicely and stays put all day.

Close up on the shadow. I also used my Naked 3 palette in the crease (Factory) and in the corner (Dust). Came out beautiful!


This highlighter is perfection! I’ll tell you what, I had a hard time choosing as there were so many options. Now I want to try them all!! This highlighter has a perfect layering effect. You can decide how intense you want your look to be. For a nighttime look keep layering baby!

Overall look. Rating 5/5. I can’t wait to try more products from Colour Pop!! Have any of you given her products a try???? You should!!

Thanks for reading! Much love xoxo


Review of Full Exposure mascara by Smashbox

As you can see, I have the wimpiest eyelashes. The thinnest, straightest, blondest eyelashes ever. A good mascara is key. I used to go with a drugstore brand, then I discovered the bigger brands have it going on. While pricier totally worth the money!  This Smashbox Full Exposure mascara is to die for!



This is without even trying ladies. You know those mascaras that look great on certain days if applied a certain direction and in a certain order with a certain brush… yeah me too. Not this one!

Finished product=amazing!! You can pull off anything with a good mascara!!

WEAR IT Wednesday: Plaid #1


Plaid. Like, is it ever going out of style? No. No, its not. At this point in my life, I see plaid as an investment. Buy it a couple sizes too big and wear it for the rest of your gosh dang life. Men’s plaid tends to work well because it comes a lot less form fitting which is the point. Goodwill has some great vintage-like options in the men’s section for 6$.


Plaid and I started to become extra cozy friends this winter. You see, a big plaid flannel is for one comfy and also hides the winter flubber you like to pretend you haven’t been packing on during the cold months. Plaid pairs especially well with a pair of broken in combat boots. I think it just grunges up the whole look.




Plaid is super versatile. Dress it up with a smooth pair of black skinnies, a big statement necklace,  and some chunky boots. Or, as I like to do, throw on some  holey jeans (the holier the better), a soft vintage tee, comfortable booties, and a blanket scarf. Some might mistake this look for homeless.  That means your doing it right. Embrace it.


That’s all I’ve got for today’s Wear it Wednesday. Tune in for next time and have a wonderful week my beautiful readers … Love to you all!

The Best (secret) Online Boutiques EVER

My favorite past-time is online shopping… or sometimes online browsing? There are so many fun styles on the internet. When you’re looking for that perfect dress, nothing beats the feeling of finally finding something that nails it!  These are a couple of my go to boutiques! Happy shopping!


1. I literally LOVE this website.  It’s number one for a reason. They specialize in modern clothes with a vintage twist. Lately all my friends have been getting married, and this is my go to to find the perfect dress. Their dresses range from 60$- 300$ at the most. My favorite are these pricier art deco era pieces, I’m dyingggg to own one!

They have a ton of different style dresses, one for every occasion! They also have some pretty awesome vintage tees (I want one of each). Check out their home decor also. I purchased a fun boho tapestry for 15$ on clearance  (smokin’ deal right?).


2. This is one of those weird online clothing shops that is always having a fifty percent off “sale”. I fell for it the first time and ordered a ton of stuff, then returned months later to see the same sale. Prices are literally AMAZING.

They have the best cardigans, coats, and plaid. I think all of them nail my style perfectly. I have a denim vintage coat from here that I would kill someone for. It is literally everything. What was that? You would like to see it? Ok, you win.

There it is girls in all it’s glory. I paid about 25$ for this jacket. I wear it with leggings, combat boots, and a vintage tee. It’s like the ultimate grunge look.

3. This site is all about swimwear! I have such a hard time finding a swimsuit I feel good in. I mean a one piece just does not look good on me! These high-waisted swimsuits (so big right now) are so hard to find at a good price. On you will not pay over 20$ for TOP AND BOTTOM. Yes I live in 115 degree weather, I need about twenty swimsuits to survive!

Now say your a confident chick with a banging body, no problem. They’ve got plenty of sexy bikinis to choose from. (rumor has it this bandage look is hot on any shape!)


4. This site is home to the cutest daintiest little dresses. The clothing on here definitely caters to a specific girly style. Lilyboutique has a ton of lace, floral pattern, and hand embroidered dresses. They are all so detailed and unique!

Prices range for 30$-90$. The dresses are ordered by color so they are easier to find. This site has so many short white/ivory bridal like dresses that would be perfect for a rehearsal dinner! They also have a lot of cute tops and skirts, but these beautiful dresses are the best part.



So ladies that’s all I have for today. Check them out and let me know what kind of sweet finds you come across!